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 Pure Copper Zinnia Rain Chain is inspired by the beautiful Zinnia flower and is a beautiful representation of nature’s flora.  Each scalloped petal possesses hand etching and opens up to a wide mouth which captures most of the rain water. Replace your old man made gutter downspouts with this gorgeous Zinnia Rain Chain and enjoy the gentle sound of splashing water as it is transported down the length of the rain chain.

  • Assembled of 17 scalloped cups extending 8.5 ft. 
  • Pure Copper Rain Chain made of heavy gauge copper.  
  • The Zinnia cup is 3.75”diam X 2.6”H and it transports water down the length of the rain chain with precision and artistry. 
  •  This rain chain comes with its own copper triangular gutter clip for easy installation with installation instructions.  
  • Over a period of time a beautiful brown patina forms over the surface of this untreated copper rain chain which enhances the beauty of the Zinnia cup rain chain. 
  • Some splashing will occur and is a natural occurrence of rain chains .


Size & Specifications:

  • Length: 8.5 feet
  • Cup Size: 3.75" (L) x 3.75" (W) x 2.5" (H)
  • Cup bottom Opening: 1.4"
  • Cup Per Chain: 17 Cups
  • Material: Pure Copper
  • Sheet Thickness: 23 gauge & Wire thickness 10 gauge
  • Finish: Natural Copper
  • UPC: 633402130015

What’s Included:

  • 8 feet Rain Chain
  • 4.5" Triangular Hanger for Gutter Attachment
  • Bottom Connector (Clip)
  • Installation Instructions

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